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2/1/10 07:31 pm - so, i'm on a fb group...

...for a friend of mine's brother-in-law's intention to run for president in 2024.  to me, it's a great field of trolling, but i can't help but wonder about this kid and his intentions.  here's his plan to "erradicate the national deficit":

Step one: end the war(s), literally just say, "It's over for us, bye." and pull all U.S. troops out in a matter of 12-18 hours.

Step two: recall ALL overseas soldiers back to the U.S.

Step three: shut down and strip ALL overseas bases, except Hawaii, and sell the land to either the owning country or the U.N.

Step four: make a stipulation in the "bail out" money to the dealerships, banks, etc. to stop 3/4 of their overseas productions and/or imports. And have those "freed" up jobs instead given to the U.S. soldiers, no longer necissary to the DOD, and the current unemployed.

Step five: increase ALL taxes on imported electronics, automobiles, and foods. Whilst lowering the taxes on U.S. produced items.

(All the while, increasing exported goods...OUR GOODS)

now, i've been poking holes in this all week, but i know there's at least another smart person who can see my LJ, so i'm wondering what else i could be hitting on this.

9/24/09 09:32 am

9/4/09 08:48 pm - i'm starting a new larp

however, all the info on it is over on Facebook.

7/28/09 04:13 am - Ben Fegan For President, or How I Would Destroy America

Things came up on the recent roadtrip Tommy and I took to Armarillo, TX, which is only natural since we're both awesome as fuck and you can really only stare at the road for so long in a sleep-deprived state before it occurs to you that you need to do something to keep the driver from falling asleep and killing us both.  So I did a little brainstorming about what I would do differently if I were the president over the last few years, since I haven't really liked any candidate since I was young and naive.

The important things to remember in all of this is that I'm working with a set of assumptions which may or may not be true, and that I do not, at any point, wish to argue those assumptions.  Primarily, I'm assuming that, as president, I'm able to force the country into any direction I choose in a timely matter and that opposition just won't be an issue.  Secondly, I'm assuming that the resources available at hand will not be running out during my term(s) as president.

More reading than you expected to do todayCollapse )

Most of anything else I would want to do is minor or not fully formulated, so I'll just let you stew with that.  Until the next update, have fun.

7/25/09 09:58 pm - stolen

i just got back from a 24 hour road trip to Amarillo and back. i'm going to bed. but first, this pic i ripped from the comments of an omg_too_soon comment.

5/25/09 01:36 am - i r 30

fuck the world.

5/17/09 04:29 pm - ok, no one wants to talk about timetravel

fine, i get it. compared to the ramblings of dr zodiac and the allure of facebook, the idea of discussing something that hasn't already come prepackaged for ease of consumption is abhorrant. especially if it takes more than 140 characters to use.

anywho, i've put more stuff up on http://www.puppettron-secretlab.com/ . mostly on the Risk System, but i started hosting the short story i'm working on there too. you could at least do that, right?

5/13/09 02:22 am - time travel

so, i'm in the process of writing a short story about time travel. doing tons of research for it, i've come across several completely different and sometimes completely contrary ideas on how time travel works. also, paradoxes.

and to illustrate this, i'm just going to ask you to put your own time travel ideas in the comments. assuming of course that anyone actually reads this and finds it to be a fun exercise.

4/26/09 10:03 am - re: Carl Jung, chromosomes, and math metal

Mellville, Clowns, and Prog Metal

4/19/09 12:39 am

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